We are grateful to everyone who joined us virtually and in person. We could not have hosted such a powerful event without the support of the Aspen community. Thank you for opening your hearts and arms to welcome us to gather for this celebration on the beautiful land of the Ute people.

Raizado: The Latinx House Festival was built on a vision to hold it for a minimum of 10 years to create a clear and strong place to celebrate and discuss Latinx politics, arts, and culture.

A group of diverse advocates, celebrities, and community members discussed issues we face and how to disrupt them.

We celebrated our Latinx community by empowering one another with power, culture, and truth.

We developed a program that highlights the power, culture, and truth of the Latinx community within the United States and beyond. Highlights included flash talks, panels, intimate lounges, art exhibitions, live music, a late-night party at the Hotel Jerome, film screenings, and more, uplifting some of the biggest names and up-and-coming voices in the Latinx community.

Although Raizado: The Latinx House Festival was not an event open to the public, we are proud to have live streamed the following events on The Latinx House Facebook. They are now available on YouTube!


Celebrating the cultural, political, and economic power of the Latinx/e community.


Celebrating the rich and diverse Latinx culture, including food, music, literature, and art, as well as Latinx Culture Makers.


Celebrating Latinx Truth Tellers, as well as the accurate stories and experiences that represent Latinx/e people in the US.


Julissa Arce
Ana Marie Argilagos
Mariana Burrelli
Nalleli Cabo
Julissa Calderon
Mabel Cadena
U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro
Mario Chamorro
Kayla Castañeda
Russell Contreras
Ivana de Maria
Gregorio Davila
Neidi Dominiguez
Paula Durán
Crystal Echo Hawk

Laura Esquivel
Dr. Antonio R. Flores
Suzanne Gamboa
Jonathan Gonzalez
Fatima Goss Graves
Harvey Guillén
Adrian Haro
Katrina vanden Heuvel
U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper
Adrienne Mansanares
Janel Martinez
Janet Martinez
Dr. Marta Moreno Vega
Elizabeth Méndez Berry
Ileana Musa

Roland Palencia
Grace Ramirez
Mónica Ramírez,
Dr. Carmen Rojas
Christopher Rivas
Alex Sánchez
Maria Elena Salinas
Olga Segura
Christina Soliz
Mayor Torre
Jose Antonio Tijerino
Blanca Uzeta O’Leary
Leonor Varela
Dulce Vasquez
Carlos Mark Vera
Cesar Zapata


The name means deeply rooted. We believe that this is a powerful statement because as a community we are deeply rooted in the fabric of this nation. We also aim to develop deep relationships and networks through this festival and to send a clear message about the many important ways that our community has/continues to contribute to this nation’s prosperous future, while remaining connected to our own cultural identity.


The Latinx House is a gathering place for people who appreciate and support the Latinx community and who celebrate Latinx excellence in film and entertainment. It is also a space to discuss pressing societal issues and the content creation related to these stories. It provides engagement, activation and community building opportunities. The Latinx House is also creating pipeline projects, developing content, and engaging in advocacy to further the interests of the Latinx/e community, while building bridges, power and solidarity. The Latinx House was founded by social entrepreneur and activist Mónica Ramírez, filmmaker and activist Alexandra Martinez Kondracke, and producer and entrepreneur Olga Segura. For more information, please visit www.thelatinxhouse.org.