The Latinx House
2022 Sundance Film Festival Schedule

The Latinx House’s Sundance Bienvenidos!

Thursday, January 20, 6:30pm MT

The Latinx House kicks off the 2022 Sundance Film Festival by welcoming the Latinx community to Sundance and celebrating the filmmakers, creators, artists, and crewmembers with selections at the Festival. The House will honor the essential workers across the world who are working tirelessly to keep all of us safe during the pandemic – a pandemic that continues to disproportionately impact the Latinx community. Founders Alex, Mónica, and Olga will be joined by IllumiNative’s Crystal Echo Hawk, who will provide a land acknowledgment and sharing of gratitude for this year’s virtual House.

A Conversation with DOS ESTACIONES

Thursday, January 20, 7:00pm MT

Director and screenwriter Juan Pablo González of 2022 World Cinema Dramatic Competition selection DOS ESTACIONES joins Olga Segura of The Latinx House for a celebration of the film. Centered around a once-majestic tequila factory in Mexico’s Jalisco Highlands, the film tells the story of a Latina working tirelessly to keep her family legacy and community afloat. Featuring a special message from Luminate.

WITH LOVE & The Power of Representation

Friday, January 21, 4:00pm MT

The power behind characters telling authentic and relatable stories can’t be overstated. Members of the Latinx Community need to be able to see themselves reflected on the screens they watch – and throughout the industry, there are showrunners, creators, and artists ensuring this happens. WITH LOVE’s creator Gloria Calderón Kellett and actor Emeraude Toubia join The Latinx House’s Olga Segura to discuss the importance of Latinx storytelling through their new hit series on Prime Video. Be sure to watch WITH LOVE, available now on Prime Video. Sponsored by Prime Video.

Centering Survivors’ Stories

Friday, January 21, 7:00pm MT

This session centers the stories and advocacy of survivors – providing a platform to recognize the brave and powerful testimonies featured in 2022 U.S. Documentary Competition selection WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT COSBY. Voice for change and motivational speaker Stacey Pinkerton and co-Executive Producer Geraldine L. Porras join co-founder of The Latinx House Mónica Ramírez for this critical discussion with a special introduction by National Women’s Law Center’s Fatima Goss Graves.

THE JANES and the U.S. Reproductive Justice Crisis

Saturday, January 22, 4:00pm MT

In partnership with the National Women’s Law Center, The Latinx House hosts a conversation around the state of reproductive rights in the country and how film can help reshape people’s understanding of the nuances and realities of reproductive health. Directors Emma Pildes and Tia Lessin of 2022 documentary feature selection THE JANES join The Latinx House’s Mónica Ramírez for this critical discussion.

MIJA and the Story of Immigrants

Saturday, January 22, 7:00pm MT

Director Isabel Castro joins The Latinx House from 2022 NEXT selection MIJA with Doris Muñoz and Jacks Haupt. This session will not only spotlight Doris and Jacks’ roles within the film, but discuss the central roles that the stories of immigrants play within our entertainment culture and in achieving our dreams. In partnership with Poderistas.


Sunday, January 23, 4:00pm MT

The cast and crew from 2022 Sundance feature selection THE COW WHO SANG A SONG INTO THE FUTURE join The Latinx House to discuss their film, the role the climate crisis plays within its narrative, and the impact of telling Chilean stories at festivals like Sundance. The Latinx House co-founder Olga Segura holds this film panel with writer-director Francisca Alegría, producer Alejandra García, cast member Mía Maestro, cast member Leonor Varela, and co-writer Fernanda Urrejola.

Truth and Healing Through Storytelling

Sunday, January 23, 7:00pm MT

This panel will explore the role that creators play in helping communities share their truths and lived experiences in a way that is honest and provides a pathway toward healing. Mainstream media and entertainment have forced certain communities into a position of showcasing our lives through tragedy, stereotypes, and caricatures. Actor Annie Gonzalez (GENTEFIED), President and CEO of Friends of the American Latino Museum Estuardo Rodríguez, and actor and activist Tonatiuh (PROMISED LAND) join The Latinx House co-founder Mónica Ramírez to explore how it can and must be done differently. Sponsored by Pop Culture Collaborative in partnership with the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Building Power in the Latinx Community

Tuesday, January 25, 2:00pm MT

This session will explore how the Latinx Community is showing our civic, political, and economic power to tell, shape, and create the story of, for, and by our community. We will discuss useful tactics for organizing, building power, and we will explore how philanthropy can show up in the work. Carmen Perez, co-founder of Poderistas and CEO of The Gathering for Justice; Favianna Rodriguez, President of the Center for Cultural Power; and award-winning actor and activist Vico Ortiz (HBO Max’s OUR FLAG MEANS DEATH) join Way to Win co-Founder, President, and CEO Tory Gavito to discuss the role of thought leadership and community storytelling as we embrace our power. Sponsored by Ford Foundation.

LA GUERRA CIVIL – More Than A Sport

Tuesday, January 25, 4:00pm MT

A 2022 feature film selection, DAZN Original LA GUERRA CIVIL showcases the role of boxing within Mexican and Mexican-American culture by narrating the “ultimate glory” fight between boxing legends Oscar De La Hoya and Julio César Chávez. Eva Longoria Bastón makes her directorial debut and returns to The Latinx House for a discussion with Oscar and The Latinx House’s Olga Segura about the film, representation in Hollywood, and more. Henry R. Muñoz III, chairman of Funny or Die Studios and founder of Momento Latino, TheDream.US, and Latino Victory, joins with a special appearance.

A Cheer for Sundance’s 2022 Filmmakers & Artists

Tuesday, January 25, 5:00pm MT

The Latinx House founders, Olga, Mónica, and Alex, welcome musician Flor Amargo for a special performance to celebrate the accomplishments of the Latinx filmmakers and artists at Sundance, as well as pay tribute to our essential worker heroes.

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